Please note: 1800 Street Party location is The Croxton Carpark – next door to 580 High Street Thornbury, opposite The Croxton Hotel. 

Local bechamel-bourne legends 1800 Lasagne are curating a food, music, beverage and dog bonanza at The Eighty-Six at the Croxton Carpark. Thirteen local establishments will set up shop for the day – the F&B lineup is dropping this week.

Within the 1800 Street Party, Scratch presents the Howl-O-Ween Dog Show, Parade & Costume Contest – hosted by Myf Warhurst, Howl-O-Ween is raising money and awareness for Pets Of The Homeless.

We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds to register here* to compete in the following categories for pawesome prizes: 

  • Spookiest Costume Prize (best and most creative costume)
  • Dog/Owner Likeness Prize (dogs that look most like their owner)
  • Naughtiest Doggo Prize (tell us your naughtiest dog tail)
  • Best Trick Prize (BYO trick and we will ask you to perform on stage)
  • Scratch’s Dog Treat Prize (tell us your goodest dog tail)

At 1800 Street Party you can also visit The Scratch B Corp certified pet food Station, a place for your pooch to refresh at the water station, score free samples of Scratch, pose for dog photo ops and enjoy plenty of free treats to keep the dogs happy. 

Scratch presents: Howl-O-ween Dog Show, Parade and Costume Contest
When: 10am to 12noon Saturday 28th October
Where: 1800 Street Party at the Croxton Hotel Carpark (next door to 580 High Street Thornbury)
How: Limited placements: register here

Raising money and awareness for Pets of the Homeless.

*Super Saturday tickets are exhausted, but if you are accepted in the Howl-O-Ween Dog Show, you, a plus one and your doggo will gain entry to the 1800 Street Party. 

For those who missed out on Super Saturday tickets, the best thing to do is join the waitlist here.


Here is the 1088 Street Party Schedule:

9.30am Welcome To Country
10.00am Howl-O-Ween Dog Show, Parade & Costume Contest
12.00pm Pietro
1.00am Jazzagne
2.00pm Lorenzo and the Spaghetti Connection
3.00pm Kgmotoso
4.00pm Tarantela
5.00pm Pietro
6.00pm ????????
7.00pm JNETT


Here is 1800 Street Party Food & Beverage line-up:

Lasagne Di Carne (Beef & Pork) $26
Lasagne Di Melanzane (Eggplant) $25
Garlic Bread $9

by 1800 Lasagne
Paradiso Delle Salciccia (Donati Pork/Veal & Fennel Sausage Mix, Perfect Ciabatta, Roast Sweet Peppers, Braised Fennel, Provolone Dolce, Monte-Pork Jus, Kewpie Mayo, Basil Leaf.) $15

Georgian Sizzle (Grilled pork Skewer, served in a soft bun, white onion, red adjika chili, and black garlic sauce $16
Uludag Gazozu Lemonade 250 ml $5
Uludag Gazozu Orangeade 250 ml $5
Borjomi Georgian Sparkling water 500 ml $10

Saj manakish (Choice of Za’atar or cheese) $15
Watermelon juice with mint and rosewater $6

Frappe (Greek Iced Coffee) $6
Spanakopita (Spinach & Cheese Pie) $15

Arancini, spicy sugo, Grana $6 each
Manchego & leek croquette, aioli $6 each
Chips, garlic, thyme, Parmesan $11
San Pellegrino sparkling orange juice $5

Tin of Meatballs (Zsa’s meatballs, sugo, pecorino served in a Mutti tomato tin) $16.5
Tinned “Fish n Chips” (Cocagne Portuguese sardines, virgin bloody mary, Chappy’s dill pickle chips
Yurrita Spanish anchovies, chili & garlic, Chappy’s sea salt chips) $16.5
Panino (Emilia – Mortadella, pistacchio, stracciatella and Vincotto // Verona – Heirloom tomato, pickled peach, buffalo mozzarella and basil oil – Verona can also served as a salad) $16.5 – add prosciutto $3
Chinotto $7
Lyres non alc Gin & Tonic $11
Lyres non alc Amalfi Spritz $11
Chappy’s Chips $7.70

Street Food
Punjabi Samosa Chaat (2pc) $12.50
Kachori Chaat (2pc) $12.50
Chicken 65 Roll (Southern Indian style fried chicken in paratha roll) $12.50
Indo Chinese style noodles with tofu and mushroom $16.50

Langar Waali Daal (Lesser known but equally yummier sister of Daal Makhani) $18.50
Butter Chicken $20

Sides & Flatbread
Veg biryani Rice bowls $7.50
Ghee paratha $4.50

Sweet Stuff
Gulab Jamu (2pc) $7.50
Mango lassi $5.50

Hot Drinks
Turmeric Latte $5.50
Masala Chai $5.50

Authentic vegetarian Middle Eastern street food
Breakfast Pocket (Scrambled eggs, parsley, dill, labne tomato and cucumber) $15
Green Falafel Pita Pocket (Falafels (parsley, coriander, mint) with chopped salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $14
Red Falafel Pita Pocket (Falafels (capsicum and chilli) with chopped salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $14
Mixed Falafel Pita Pocket (Red and green falafels, chopped salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $14
Sabich Pita Pocket (Eggplant, potato, egg or falafel, chopped salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $15
Cauliflower Pita Pocket (Fried cauliflower, chopped salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $15
Falafel Salad (Green and red falafels, chopped salad, spicy green salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini) $17 – add pita $3

Add a side of
Zhoug (hot sauce) $2.50
Amba (mango chutney) $1.50

All of our items can be made gluten friendly, just ask us!

Black coffee $5.50
White Coffee (Flat White, Latte, Chai, Hot Choc etc)
Small $5.50
Medium $6
Large $6.50
+ soy/ +oat add 50c
+ almond milk $1
Filter Coffee Small $5 / Medium $5.50 / Large $6
NOLA (New Orleans Iced Coffee) $7
Iced Filter Coffee $6.50
Iced Latte $7

Cannoli $5.50 each or 5 for $25
Ricotta – whipped ricotta with candied orange, choc chips and hive honey
Vanilla Creme brûlée – real vanilla bean custard, free range eggs with creme brûlée ends
Chocolate – rich chocolate and coconut cream (vegan)
Passionfruit Cheesecake – NYC Style Cheesecake
Pistachio – pistachio panna cotta (vegan)

Filled Fresh to order! All Gluten free!

Authentic Portuguese Custard Tarts
1x tart $4.50
5x tart $21.50
12x tarts $44.00

Ice Cream Flavours:
Popcorn Caramel Fudge
Curry Leaf and White Chocolate
Wattleseed Tiramisu
Strawberry and Lychee
Single $6.00
Double $8.50
Ice cream Jaffles $11
Dog ice cream $7

Kirk’s Creaming Soda $3.50
Kirk’s Lemon Squash $3.50
Coca Cola $3.50
San Pellegrino Chinotto $4.50
San Pellegrino Limonata $4.50

Aperol Spritz  $18
Americano  $18
Patient Wolf G&T $14
OK! Margarita Seltzer $12
Moondog Tropical Crush Seltzer $11
Moondog Lager $12
Moondog Old Mate Pale Ale $12
Fizzyboi Canned Pet Nat $17
2022 Jamsheed Ilaj Chardonnay Pecorino $14
2022 Jamsheed Apricity Pinot Gris “Rose” $15
2022 Jamsheed Apricity Sagrantino (Chilled) $15
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA <0.5% $9
TINA 2.0 – Raspberry Jasmine and Pearl <0.5% $12
Canned Water $4
Coke $5
Coke Zero $5
Yumbo Lemonade $5.50
Yumbo Mandarin $5.50

2022 Jamsheed Ilaj Chardonnay Pecorino, Yarra Valley / Heathcote  $14
2022 Jamsheed Apricity Vermentino, Heathcote $16
Fizzyboi Canned Pet Nat $17
2022 Jamsheed Apricity Pinot Gris “Rose”, Mt Alexander, Bendigo $15
2022 Jamsheed Apricity Sagrantino (Chilled), Heathcote $16
2021 Jamsheed Apricity Syrah, Yarra Valley / Beechworth $15

Moondog Lager $12
Moondog Old Mate Pale Ale $12
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA $9

The 1800 Street Party Market Stalls include:

  • 1800 Lasagne & Howl-O-Ween Merch
  • Haus of Dizzy
  • Scratch B Certified Pet Food
  • Clothing the Gaps
  • Pets of The Homeless
  • and more…


1800 Street Party runs from 9am-9pm at The Croxton Carpark, next door to 580 High Street Thornbury.

Entry to all Super Saturday events is limited based on each venue’s capacity – on a first-in, first-served basis.

Please be aware there are no pass-outs – once you leave, you must queue to re-enter if the venue is at capacity.